​Embarrassing Beauty Disasters Solved

Beauty Disasters

Beauty Disasters

Embarrassing Beauty Disasters Solved 

We all have those minor or sometimes major beauty mishaps.  It never fails I have most of mine at the most inopportune times.   

Box Dye Blunder Beauty Disasters

Have you taken your lovely locks on an embarrassing trip to never never land?  Don’t panic, because if all else fails a professional can fix it.  As soon as you realize that bombshell color is a no go, grab the dish soap and run to the shower.  As hot as you can stand it, give it a good dish soap lather and let is sit in your hair for 5 minutes. This will dispel the new color.   Box Dyes wash out after time.  If you can stand it let it wash itself out and get a trim.   If it’s one that can’t be saved at home, head to your hairdresser and get some help.

Arm Pit Spots Beauty Disasters

Instead of running to a corner to hide, run to the bathroom.  If you happen to have wipes on hand take a few with you. First dry off your under arms and top with a paper towel to remove as much wetness.  From the inside of your top wipe the spot with a wipe or wet paper towel over the sweat.  If the bathroom is equipped with a hand dryer give your under arms a little drying action.

Streaking Self Tanner Beauty Disasters

Have you used a self tanner and looked down to see streaks, a missed spot or blotchy skin? Take a paper towel and warm soapy water and blend  in a circular motion. This will dilute thebronzer, next let it dry patting in.  Then grab your bronzer and do a little cover up mission.  Blend in the area as much as possible.  Next time you go for the self tanner make sure  your have exfoliated your skin, shaved and used the less is more technique.

Breakouts Beauty Disasters

Don’t pop it, poke it or aggravate it.  Start by wiping the area clean, if you have red eye drops handy dab a few drops on the area to help with redness.  Start with a concealer to diminish the pimple.   Blend in with concealer and leave it alone. 

Beauty Disasters

 Until next time my lovelies, stay beautiful and don’t stress with your beauty disasters.

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