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10 tips for making life easier and more efficient

I got the opportunity to share my top ten tips for making life easier and more efficient while on the go, thanks to socialmoms and Seattles best.  With summer in full bloom, three kiddos and a hubby who works from home.  I am 24/7 busy!
1.My number one tip for making our daily life easier is being organized.  It takes a lot of work to keep a family of 5 organized, but the main goal is to not hoard.  If we haven’t used it in a few months at tops, we get rid of it.  If it is just not the right season for it, I will give it a year. I don’t let my kids collect to many things.  If it doesn’t have a “home” it has to go.  I hate clutter and find “homes” for everything or else it goes.

2.Lists are a must.  We have a chalk board in the kitchen this is where we can all write things that we need or want to get done.   We also have a calendar we can all add to.  One other big list is a store list if the kids need socks, milk or anything else it needs to get written on the list.

3.Sleep deprivation is a no go.  We can’t live off of little sleep in this family.  We are always on the go and little sleep makes for cranky kids and hubby.  One item my husband and I can rely on is Seattle’s Best iced latte. These come in singles and are absolutely amazing and better yet ready to go right out of the fridge.  (There is a coupon link below, so keep reading 😉 )

4. Plan ahead!  There was a time in my life, pre kids where I could live on the fly, make last minute decisions and be sporadic.  With three kids, not so much.  It takes major planning to get out of the house.  Sippy cups, bottles, diapers, extra clothes for my potty training two year old.  Unless you are a mom you have no idea what it takes to get out of this house with kids in tow.   Making plans ahead of time takes major stress off myself and my husband.6.

5.Keep the house and car clean.  You just never know who’s going to stop by,  or what incident will happen. You know the saying always wear clean underwear.  Well the same can be said for your house or car.  A messy house says a lot about a person.  Now I’m not talking about a lived in, I have three kids mess.  I’m talking carpets that haven’t been vacuumed, dishes piled, and dirty toilets. Yuck!

6.Live ready to go!  Every evening I repack the diaper bag, set out clothes for myself and the kids.  This way we can sleep a few minutes longer, or fly out the door if we are in a pinch.

7.Always have quick healthy snacks ready for the kids.  I pack healthy varieties of snacks and keep them low in the pantry.  My kids usually take a snack with the for the car ride on the go.  Juice boxes are kept low and my kids know they can only have them if we are leaving.  My husband and I love to grab our Seattle’s Best latte’s.

8.Breath and don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  The one major tip for living a more efficient life is not sweating the small stuff.  If we are running late to a birthday party and still haven’t gotten a gift.  True story!  Don’t fret just make it work and breath.

9.Don’t drive yourself crazy running errands all week.  Take one day a week to do all the errand running.  Paying bills, getting groceries, etc.  Plan them all i one day and organize your trip by distance.

10.Change it up. The day after day same old doesn’t have to be.  Take your kids to a park for an early dinner picnic.  Or an evening under the stars just hanging.  Changing it up makes for very fun family time.


I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program for a gift card worth $30. 

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