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5 Reasons to Visit The Witte Museum + (11) 4 pack giveaways

The boys and I had the pleasure of joining a group of San Antonio area bloggers for a Mommy and Me Blogger Meet Up at the Witte Museum.  Special thank you to Cassandra for everything.  We had a B-L-A-S-T and I can not wait to go back and spend the entire day at the Witte Museum.  We headed out sans the hubby, which is never an easy task with three boys.  I honestly had never taken them in that type of environment, so I was nervous about our adventure.  I packed a bag with all the essentials diapers, wipes, fruity tic tacs (great for distracting 1 yr olds), sippy cups, and lots of other randomness just in case we had any meltdowns or blowouts.  The 18 month old and 3 year old sure know how to show off sometimes, making me wish we had stayed home.  Needless to say I survived and look forward to my next field trip outnumbered.  There is so much to learn… and see… and touch at the Witte.


The South Texas Heritage Center is a newly added piece at the Witte.  This beautiful building is busting at the seems with vaqueros, outlaws, a come to life trucker and so much more.  From the minute we stepped in we were immersed in South Texas Culture, as if we just stepped into the 1850’s.   The hands on exhibits had the boys captivated and excited to learn.


The Amphitheater is a great place to watch reenactments of a day in the life of an 1800’s cowboy.  Sitting under shade trees on a rock slab with the boys was pure joy.  We relaxed, made friends and soaked in the Vaquero and cowboy action.

Hands On learning. Roping, branding, reptile touching, amphibian learning and adorable baby watching.  We were truly in another world when we stepped into the Witte.


The Treehouse exhibit  is an interactive house of science experiments.  Perfect for all ages and lots of to do’s for the kiddos.  From learning about energy to sound waves and so much more the boys were intrigued. 


Exhibits are constantly traveling through. The Witte is a fabulous place to re-visit and learn something new every time.  The Darwin exhibit is in town through September 3 so you still have time to catch the evolution.

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