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Advanced Mineral Makeup

Advanced Mineral Makeup swatches

I just got my hands on Advanced Mineral Makeup products two weeks ago, so I switched it up and have been using these daily or on days I actually leave the house.  Working from home has it’s perks you know?!  Sweats, tee shirts, pony tails and no makeup.

 Advanced Mineral Makeup Liquid Foundation

Advanced Mineral Makeup swatches

I am normally a warm fair-skinned tone with caramel undertones, so I went with Caramel Liquid Mineral Foundation.  The formula is all natural, 100% vegan, paraben free, no fillers, and no fragrance.  Containing Titanium Dioxide (natural sunscreen) Antioxidants, Vitamins A and E with Rosemary.   Since I have hit my thirties (ugh) I have dealt with more acne than I had ever seen.  I guess crazy hormones in your thirties is a thing. Using all natural products have helped me work on maintaining clearer skin.

The liquid mineral foundation is a light formula that still provides ultimate coverage.  It is not thick in texture and for me is best applied with my fingers and then going over it with a sponge. The product produces a slight yellow sheen on my skin as it sets. Once dried it does loose the yellow tone and blends perfectly. For me this is a big plus as I can be more accurate with my application.

 Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Powder

Advanced Mineral Makeup Powder

After I have applied the foundation I take a Kabuki brush and apply the mineral pressed powder in Eva to my skin. A light dusting and it sets the foundation and gives that flawless air brush finish I love.

When I do wear makeup, I finish off with eyeliner, blush and a nude lip for my everyday look.

I have had great success with these products.  I don’t have time to touch up or mess with makeup during the day so this is one of the perks for me using the Advanced Mineral Makeup line.  It stays put and doesn’t wear off, even when I have little ones hugging and hanging on me.  It is also light enough to blend in well and not look caked on.

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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my personal thoughts.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect those of others.

  Advanced Mineral Makeup

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