Allergy Sufferer loose the #ALLERGYFACE

Allergy Suffer loose the #ALLERGYFACE

Do you have allergy face?  Growing up I wasn’t an allergy sufferer.  My mom would often tell me how lucky I was that I didn’t have to deal with the symptoms of allergies.  I would watch her sneeze, constantly wipe her watery eyes and poke fun at her red nose.  When I moved away from home, I had no clue that the pollen that came off our trees in early Spring would be my demise.  This was my husband and I’s dream home that also caused me to have #ALLERGYFACE.

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I can tell you just when Spring is coming because I am now an allergy sufferer.  My head will start to feel  like it is about to explode and my face looks like I have been stung by bees.  It’s really very attractive – not.   If you suffer you are not alone.  Allergy face is suffered by many woman.  The makers of ZYRTEC have partnered with beauty, fashion expert {and blogger} Carmen Ordoñez of @VivaFashion.

Check out her tips for the dreaded Allergy Face:

Over the past five years of being an allergy sufferer, I have caught on and learned a few tips to keep my Allergy Face in check.  Here are my tips.

5 Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Most Important

– Don’t skip a daily dose of Zyrtec.  I set my phone alarm to remind me to take Zyrtec every morning during allergy season.  Full steam ahead.

Less is More 

– Don’t overdo the makeup trying to cover up  puffy eyes and a red nose.  Less makeup actually lessens the fact that you have a puffy red look.

Sleep it Off

– A full nights sleep will only help the cause of Allergy Face.  Get a good eight hours of rest each night.

Fragrance Free

– Use fragrance free soaps, skip the perfumes, put away the scented candles and harsh smelling cleaning products and help your nose get some relief from those aggravating scents.

Outdoor Fun

– Oversized sunglasses are a must and a hat won’t hurt.  Keep the pollen out of your eyes and you won’t have to deal with the immediate effects.  Once you get indoors immediately change your clothes {shower if pssible} and throw your old clothes in the wash.  This will lesson the pollen that gets spread in your home.

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Allergy Sufferer loose the #ALLERGYFACE #ZYRTEC #ad

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