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Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance

Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance Jouviance Restructiv SRD exclusively at CVS product Review

Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance post is brought to you by Megaphone Influence and #Soapbox on behalf of their client #BonjourJouviance.

Maintaining beautiful skin from the start is so important. I have gone through phases in my life that have forced me to invest in quality skin care. I was a fairly lucky teenager that rarely had bad skin. My diet and activity didn’t seem to affect what my skin looked like. In my twenties I really started to notice that how I treated my body and my skin impacted what I looked like. As I entered my thirties my skin and hormones went out of whack. The fine lines significantly increased, my skin became more oily and I needed to really restructure my routine. I am constantly seeking out products that provide me with quality care, don’t cost a fortune and can easily fit into my day. I am currently in the anti-aging phase of  my life.

What to look for in anti-aging products Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance

Finding the right product is not easy. It can be overwhelming to pinpoint your needs and what product will best help you achieve your skin care goals. I recently has the opportunity to try out two Jouviance products and share my thoughts on one of the fastest growing dermo-cosmetics brands from Canada found exclusively at CVS.

Anti-aging and Skin Care Tips 

Use a Moisturizer 

You don’t necessarily need a separate moisturizer for your face. Look for hydrating ingredients that will moisturize your skin to simplify your routine. Moisturizers help repair your skin and make it look more supple. 

Lather on the Sunscreen 

Don’t leave home without it. If your current routine doesn’t include an SPF 50+ add it now. Even if you are not in direct sunlight the UVA’s from a simple car ride and sitting near a window produce the same longterm skin damage as laying out in the sun. Sun breaks down your natural collagen, so lather up the sunscreen. 

Moderate Dieting

I fight with myself inner voice on indulging, enjoying and torturing my sweet tooth. I don’t approve of strict diets, but I do approve of enjoying things in moderation. Carry around a refillable water bottle and skip carbonated drinks. Cut out as much processed food as possible, replace sweets and bad carbs with fruit and fresh meals whenever possible. Altering bad eating habits will greatly affect the looks of aging and your skin.

Don’t Over Do The Products

You don’t need to lather on every anti-aging product out there. Look for a product that offers retinol and hydrate your face. A smooth and fresh look will not come overnight, it will take a combination of a simple routine.  Stick with washing your face morning and night, apply a retinol based product, amino acids, moisturizer and sunscreen daily. 

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Jouviance Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging 

Jouviance Restructive SRD Review on athriftydiva Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance

Jouviance Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging Formula Cream is concentrated with pure retinol, peptides and hyaluronic acid. After using the Jouviance Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging formula my skin instantly feels hydrated, smoother and plumped, while still protecting the sensitivity of my skin. There are no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colorants, artificial fragrances, animal-based or potentially irritation-causing ingredients. The dermatologist developed RestructivSRD uses patented RovisomeTM that delivers 2X the concentration of pure retinol without irritation. The cream is lightweight and fast-absorbing to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores,  texture, dull complexion, dehydration and age spots. After two weeks my pores look less defined and the fine lines feel tightened. My skin feels more radiant and my skin tone dramatically brighter and less blotchy.

In just 4 weeks wrinkles will visibly reduce, dark spots will become faded and your skin will feel and look firmer. 

Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost

Jouviance Collagen Boost review at athriftydiva Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance

Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost is a Needle-Free Wrinkle Filler Serum that rejuvenates your skin  and visibly plumps it in just 2 weeks*. Formulated with Pro-Collagen Activator (PCA), which is a  unique amino acid copper complex that reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles without a procedure. Free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colorants, artificial fragrances, animal-basedand potentially irritation-causing ingredients. Jouviance Restructiv Collagen Boost gives my skin the appearance of being plumper and I have a more youthful appearance. 

Find Jouviance products available only at CVS! 


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22 thoughts on “Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance

  1. Gracias por el fabuloso sorteo, no he tratado aun este hermoso y magnifico producto , pero me gustaria tratarlo ya que tiene colageno , y el colageno es muy bueno , junto con sus proteccion solar que hacen de este un excelente producto . Gracias al auspicinte por hacer de este hermoso sorteo en tu fabuloso blog .

  2. I have not tried Jouviance yet, however, I am most excited to try the Jouviance Glyco Laser 5% Glycolic Acid Soft Peel Night Cream! 🙂

  3. I have never tried the products before. I would like to try the Jouviance Restructiv Coactive Anti-Aging Formula.

  4. I would like to try their Jouviance Restructiv Coactiv Anti-Aging Formula Cream to see if it will reduce my age spots.

  5. I have not tried it yet but I have heard nothing but great things about the products and can’t wait to try them.

  6. Hi beauty,
    will we see you in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof North America? We would love to invite you to our Blogger Media Suite at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on July 24, 2016 from 02:30 pm – 07:30 pm.

    Feel free to bring along your blogger friends – the more the merrier 😉

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    Your beautypress Team 🙂

  7. I think I need to get this stuff, just now at the age of 34, I’ve been able to battle back against acne I’ve had my whole life..thankfully I got through it without much acne scarring, but I was really worried about it for awhile. I think collegine would certainly help with some fine lines I’m getting around my mouth.

  8. My mom is always looking for skin care products that will help with her aging skin but the one tip she never listens to is to apply sunscreen. She just doesn’t understand the importance and that is probably her number one problem! I will have to share this with her, maybe she will listen to you, lol

  9. I haven’t heard of Jouviance before but this sounds like something I need for my skin as I get older. I am always trying new products. I agree that applying sunscreen is so important and I often forget. I need to get better with my skin routine.

  10. Shucks, I missed the giveaway! I often thought products like this were just a gimmick. I, now almost, 40 would love to try the collagen boost!

  11. I’ve just started to look into anti- aging products as I am approaching 40. I haven’t heard of these products but will look into them further.

  12. Thanks for the tips on what to look for in anti-aging products. I never thought about being at this point but I’m starting to explore creams and what not so this will certainly come in handy. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I use to suffered from serious facial eczema and NOTHING worked. A jouviance rep saw my skin at a shoppers drug mart and assured me this cream would clear it up so with a doubtful mind I agreed to try it. I was told to just dab it onto the eczema (don’t rub it in) leave the cream wet and let the skin absorb it on its own. So I did this morning and night and Within a couple of days my eczema was gone. It is a miracle in a jar!!

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