Auntie Anne’s Pretzels at Home

We can’t resist the goodness of an Auntie Anne’s pretzel at our local mall.  Hot, buttery, right out of the oven pretzels that practically melt in your mouth.  You could say it’s our little tradition and weakness to grab a pretzel or two while shopping, even if it means spoiling our appetite.  

Now you can bring the goodness of Auntie Anne’s home with the at-home baking kit.  All if the ingredients except butter, water and cooking spray are included in the kit.

Making the dough is half the fun.  It is a process to make the dough and let it rest and rise, but it’s really fun.  If you like to bake you will love this recipe.

I even surprised myself with my ability to turn a piece of dough into looking like a pretzel. It does help having easy to follow instructions.  From beginning to ends it was a 45 minute process to get out of the oven pretzels.  You can also get creative and make  Stix and Nuggets for the little’s.  The box also has unique recipe ideas like the Rustic Apple Tart, Apple Cinnamon Rolls, Gingerbread Monkey Bread, and Gingerbread Cake.

What do I think?

Comparable to getting a pretzel from the mall these were pretty close.  Evenly rolling the pretzels out to give them an even baking time was half the battle.   We all loved them drizzled in butter and topped with cinnamon sugar.  The kit makes about 10 pretzels I got 12 making a few smaller for the little one’s.  Next time we will make these when we have company coming.  They are the best right out of the oven.

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