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Stack Rings to Honor your Children

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Berricle.

affordable Stack Rings to Honor your Children from Berricle

Do you know the reason why we wear our Wedding rings on our left hand on the third finger?

A vein of blood runs directly from the third finger on the left hand to the heart. The hand-heart connection, is a  symbol of eternal love.  Hence, a married couple where their bands on their ring finger.

To symbolize those you hold most dear, why not include those other people that you love and cherish?

Engagement rings and wedding bands are now being trended with affordable stack rings to symbolize your children.  Adding another ring every time a child is born is the perfect way to show you love.   Are you into the mid-ring trend?  Stack rings make great mid-rings.  Get sterling silver full eternity stack rings as low as $33, now that’s an absolutely great price.

Whether you have 1, 2 or 3 kids, add a handful of stack rings and make a statement.

BERRICLE.com is the leading, affordable online jewelry retailer.  I just received this wedding band from Berricle as a replacement.  Gold is making such a statement and paired with Tungsten Carbide this is a ring that  holds up extremely well, withstands scuffs and scratches better than other metals and it is absolutely beautiful.

affordable wedding bands and  Stack Rings to Honor your Children from Berricle



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