Best Wireless Phone Company

Disclosure: I am a Cricket Wireless Ambassador.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect those of others or Cricket Wireless.  


I waited months to give my thoughts on my Cricket Wireless experience.  I believe that to truly tell my readers what I think about a service or brand I should fully immerse myself in the ins and outs before I give you my thoughts.  I became a Cricket Wireless ambassador in January and have had the service for just over four months.  In this time I have traveled in and out of four major Texas cities and live outside of San Antonio, TX.  Prior to having Cricket Wireless I was a Sprint Customer and also had a six month stint as a AT&T customer.  I wont compare services because quite frankly I have my loves and hates with each of the other service providers.  I will tell you that at this point in time I have the best wireless phone company service.

6 Reasons Cricket Wireless is the best wireless phone company.


Nationwide coverage is one of the most important selling points for me.  Check out your coverage area by entering your address and see how much 4G coverage you would receive.

No annual contract 

Tired of having to renew your contract and feel stuck in a plan.  Cricket Wireless is the easiest in activation.

Get Rewarded

Make 12 on time monthly payments, get a $50 reward towards a new smartphone. Customers on a $50 Smart Plan or $60 Pro Plan who activated on or after 2/4/14 are automatically enrolled.

Unlimited Smart Phone Data Plans

Get  High-Speed Data with 4G LTE speeds, Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Unlimited Mobile Data Usage, Unlimited Domestic Messaging Send as many texts, picture and video messages as you want – across the U.S.,  Unlimited International Texting – Send unlimited text messages (MMS not included) from the U.S. to 35 countries from $40 – $60 with up to 10 GB of high speed data.

Talk & Text

If you just need a line to talk and text, Cricket Wireless offers a $25 deal.  This is perfect for anyone that is in need of a phone to stay connected.

Add a Line and Save

No fear that everyone in your home is in need of a phone.  With the group save discount you can save up to $100 when you add up 5 eligible lines.

Second Eligible Line $10 Monthly Discount, Third Eligible Line $20 Monthly Discount, Fourth Eligible Line $30 Monthly Discount and Fifth Eligible Line $40 Monthly Discount.

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