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Bio-Scriptives Repiderm Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

I have no clue why exactly I was blessed with great skin as a teenager, I can thank my lucky stars (I know). Fast forward to now and my (ahem) early thirties are not so nice to me. I am battling the dreaded acne! Adult acne is no fun, I tell you. It isn’t major covering my entire face breakouts, but the 2-3 monthly pimples take over my face and I hate every moment of it. There is no amount of makeup that will distract the mountain of grossness that is created. I am finally clearing up this dreaded skin with Bio-Scriptives Repiderm Acne Treatment.

bio-scriptives acne treatment


 Acne Treatment

This 4.4% benzoyl peroxide  (bacteria killer) acne treatment is my saving grace.  I have always taken care of my skin, but the routine was simple wash at night and done.  Then I went to systems and routines and none of it made a difference in my skins breakouts. I have tried different acne treatments with all sorts of ingredients but never saw a difference in the clearing of my skin.  Some even made my skin worse, go figure.  

The Bio-Scriptives Repiderm Acne Treatment is formulated with 16 herbal extracts and essential oils.  This is a “stand alone acne treatment”, you don’t have to use a step program to get clear skin.  Who has time for that anyway.  My normal routine is the use a face wash in the shower and then use Repiderm as spot treatment.  I don’t even use it everyday, if I see any sign of breakouts forming I use on any spots. 

Does this Acne Treatment Work?

I one word, yes.  But be patient this is not a miracle overnight fix.  I use and repeat for about 3 days morning and night and I can drastically see diminishing blackheads, whiteheads, or pimples. The solution is strong enough to clear my skin.  With the added ingredients it is not harsh on my skin that is very prone to drying out.  It’s safe and clinically proven to be effective.  

The Repiderm Acne Treatment does have a strong herbal scent.  I don’t mind it, but my husband with a sensitive nose does tell me how strong it is.   At $27 for a 2 oz. this product is well worth it.

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Acne Treatment

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