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Geoffrey’s Birthday Club: Toys“R”Us #AwesomeMoment

Geoffrey’s Birthday Club is a sponsored post in collaboration with Toys“R”Us.

Birthdays are so important especially for kids. Kids love the idea of a celebration honoring them and it’s fun to become another year older. For my kids it’s a day where they virtually make the rules. We start planing months in advance to make sure our kids have the perfect day. It’s also around that time where birthday wish lists are in full swing. The updated Geoffrey’s Birthday Club is the perfect way to help celebrate your child’s birthday with the special birthday-month offers.  

The new children’s book  “The Legend of Geoffrey ” tells the story of how Geoffrey arrived at Toys“R”Us, how he got his stars and why he loves birthdays so much. The monthly in-store birthday events happen nationwide at your local Toys“R”Us store. These birthday events celebrate the upcoming birthdays of Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members. The event allows kids to experience the magic of the book and their birthday.

The Legend of Geoffrey book at Toys“R”Us

Celebrate at the next Geoffrey’s Birthday Club Event

The next event is Saturday, August 20 from 3-4pm at your local Toys“R”Us. 

Birthday Club members who are celebrating a birthday on/around the day get the opportunity to participate in story time with Geoffrey and receive a complimentary “The Legend of Geoffrey” book, crown, balloon and Geoffrey plush, PLUS dance to Geoffrey’s brand-new birthday song in a conga line around the store. Birthday Club members also receive a personalized birthday card, a phone call from Geoffrey and a special gift!
Celebrate at the next Geoffrey’s Birthday Club event


Register your children for free to join Geoffrey’s Birthday Club today. 

The Birthday Club at Toys“R”Us with the Legend of Geoffrey


Birthday Club events are intended for children, ages 2 and up. Giveaways and event materials are available while supplies last and distributed with coupon to Birthday Club members only. Limit one per child. Coupon will be sent by email approximately one month before the Birthday Club member’s birthday. Must present mobile coupon or printout of coupon to receive the free Geoffrey plush and storybook.

Reading the Legend of Geoffrey The Birthday Club at Toys“R”Us

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