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BJ’s broken Humerus Bone and stuck in a sling

Yesterday turned into a not so ordinary day for us.  As I was preparing the finishing touches on my homemade chicken soup, the boys were all playing nearby. My three year old has escaped many injuries and I guess it was only a matter of time before this little dare devil got hurt.  My husband and I were actually getting ready to serve dinner when we heard a loud crash behind us.  We turned to see our tall bar table practically on top of BJ.  We were horrified and after assessing all of his ow-ies rushed off to the er.  He has a golf ball size hematoma on his head and his upper left arm was in so much pain he was inconsolable.  When we reached the er we were immediatley whisked off to a room and BJ was given pain killer that knocked him out.  We were so re-leaved to see him calm.

After a good x ray of his head the Dr. showed us the x ray of his arm.  I was in complete shock it was so bad.   I had no idea that my little boy had completely fractured his humerus.  We got to meet with an ortho surgeon who thought there was no need for surgery given he had feeling in his fingers and the clean break.  We left there with a sling and a prescription and a little boy who was not happy about anything.

Here is our little man the morning after a rough night with little sleep.  He hates taking medicine and hates the sling just as much.  He has to wear his sling for 6-8 weeks and see the surgeon every Monday until then.  We are just hoping he adjusts a bit better.  I am so grateful that it wasn’t more serious and that it was only a broken arm we are dealing with.

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