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Britax Vehicle Seat Protector Review

Britax Vehicle Seat Protector Review

With two toddlers it’s a lot of work to keep our vehicle clean.  We can spend hours each week in the car, which means I’m stocked with sippy cups, juice pouches and all kinds of snack foods.  It’s almost a daily occurrence that we have drips and crumbs.  I am so excited to add the Britax Vehicle Seat Protector as a staple accessory to our car. 


The seat protector sits perfectly on our captain seats in my Suburban.  It’s made of a rubber no slip material.  The raised lip wraps snugly around our car seat and will also catch spills and crumbs.  The protector also cover the front part of the seat allowing for full coverage from dirty shoes.  I often worry about the indention’s our car seats make on our leather seats,  the seat protector will shield your seat from any tears or major indention’s {love that}.   This is a waterproof protector, which makes wiping off and cleaning a breeze.  With little effort the seat protector can be cleaned and ready for your next adventure.


I would love to see the seat protector come in multiple colors!  For now you can get it in gray.  This is one of those accessories that may be overlooked as a necessity but in reality is the perfect compliment to a car that you use a car seat or booster seat in.  This also makes the perfect gift for someone who has it all.


The Britax seat protector is priced at $29.99

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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my thoughts on this product.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect those of others.

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33 thoughts on “Britax Vehicle Seat Protector Review

  1. Thanks for the giveaways. Haven’t won yet ever, but its nice to try and someone does get some help. Thank you

  2. The Britax seat protector is a most. When I had my 2 children there was nothing like this. Had alot of seats messed up. My daughter’s youngest child has used somthing like this & let me tell you it saved her seats. Good giveaway for Moms & Dads!

  3. My sister uses these for her new car and they are great. My car is past the point of even using them, I wish I would have started using them 3 years ago when I had my son. I will definitely will buy some when i get a new car.

  4. I sure wish they’d made these 22 yrs ago! I remember how messy the seats would get. This really does sound like a great product!!!

  5. This is a great invention. I have two boys and they are both messy. Not sure if two of these will fit in the backseat since we own a Jeep Compass. I would like to try this though. It is a great concept, and yes, they do need to make it in more colors than just gray.

  6. Wish they had these protectors when my kids were growing up because there were so many messes. Your right, different colors would be great and would add a touch of pretty! I will let my daughter in on these because she will be using a car seat again for the next ( I think) 7 or 8 years. Thanks for this review!

  7. I would have loved this when my daughter was younger as it is a challenge to always keep those seats clean. Even now with just her small booster seat it would be useful, great idea!

  8. It’s about time someone came out with something like this.. With kids spilling, making messes or car seats leaving permanent imprints on my car seats I am happy to see this! Thank you for giveaways and for sharing this!

    Lena Knew

  9. This is a creative idea. When my children was Tots, I would spread a blanket down over the backseat or used seat covers.

  10. I didn’t think of seat protectors as necessities until a couple months ago when our toddler got car sick. I sure wish we would have had this then.

  11. What a great idea! I do not have kids yet (hopefully soon!) but I tend to be a stickler about keeping things clean so this will be a necessity!

  12. I think that the seat protector is awesome. Not that my car hasn’t already had it’s share of spills on the seats, but with two grandchildren and another on the way, I’m sure there will be a lot more. More so in my wife’s car. Luckily, her interior is grey as well as the seats. My interior is beige. I don’t know if the grey would look good at all in my car.

  13. The seat procters are great they keep your seats clean and they are eaxy to wipe up. The only negative is that they only come in gray,

  14. So wish we had these back when my boys were little. Would have made cleaning out the car so much easier. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. This is a great idea, wish I had them when my children were smaller. It would have saved me a lot of clean time.

  16. THis is a wonderful idea. I spend more time in the car it seems with my 4 children that I need one of these. I have sippy cups / snack bags and crumbs all over my seats due to my 2 year old (3 year old son as of tomorrow) who makes a ton of messes. This would make it so that his messes are easier to clean off the seat instead of having to scrub it out of the fabric of my car seats. 🙁

  17. That’s such a fantastic idea! I tried to introduce a “no food or drink in the car” rule, which lasted all of three days, because I got tired of vacuuming out crumbs etc (or not vacuuming and having to look at it every day:). So this would be perfect for us!
    Thanks for sharing,

  18. Wow, what a great idea. I’m going to get one because we cart our grandchildren around all the time and my hubby doesn’t like it when my car gets trashed. What a great idea. I wish there would have been something like this when my 6 kids were little! Thanks for sharing!

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