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Cardimom The 10in1 Mom Essential

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Cardimom The 10in1 Mom Essential is a sponsored post. All thoughts expressed are my own.

I’m settling into 24 weeks pregnant today. This pregnancy is flying by and in just a few short months I will have a sweet little girl. This being my fourth baby, I have been very lax on the preparation process. I feel like with every baby I streamline my necessities. The folks at Multiwear have developed a 10in1 mom essential called the Cardimom®

The Cardimom is a convertible nursing sweater that is a fashion forward pregnancy and post pregnancy necessity. It’s so versatile that you can wear it during pregnancy as a cardigan or a sweater. Then right into the nursing stage as a cardigan that easily converts into a nursing cover just by pulling it over your head and baby. 

cardimom poncho

Cardimom®Convertible Nursing Sweater and Cover

Cardimom is 100% cotton and light weight and converts into 10 different options.

  • Nursing Cover
  • Maternity Cardigan
  • Maternity Poncho
  • Babywearing Cardigan
  • Infant Car Seat Canopy
  • Stroller Canopy
  • Lovey Baby Blanket
  • Baby Carrier Blanket
  • Grocery Shopping Cart Seat Cover
  • Highchair Cover

cardimom poncho 10in1 convertible nursing cover

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