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Comfort Plus The State of the Hispanic Caregiver #CaregiverComfort

I’ve talked about my struggles with both my grandmothers in the past.  Most recently the loss of my dad’s mom.  My moms mother who I spent summers with and who took care of me as a child has now turned to me recently and asked for my help.  The reality that I need to be a caregiver to my Abuelita is something that I take pride in but also saddens me because she needs me like she never has before.  She also lives five hours away and my concerns run deep since I can’t run to her aid at the drop of a hat.  Being a Hispanic woman I  have watched many of my family members throughout my life take care of their elderly loved ones.  It’s part of our culture and what we do.


A White Paper, The State of the Hispanic Caregiver has just been released by Comfort Plus.  Which states there are approximately 4,000,000 Hispanics over the age of 65 in the U.S.   Hispanic caregivers are much more likely to live with children or grandchildren with stress being a huge dilemma from being a caregiver.Managing incontinence issues, is a top concern among these caregivers.

Comfort Plus Online has dedicated Spanish-language section, “Comfort Plus Para Ti”  which is a bilingual resource for Hispanic caregivers in finding the correct caregiver and incontinence products they need.




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  1. What a wonderful tradition in the Hispanic Culture, to take care of our elderly. They truly deserve our love and care. We should all take care of our elderly.

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