Freshen Up with Summer’s Eve

Freshen Up with Summer's Eve products

Freshen Up with Summer's Eve is a sponsored post. The information, products, gift card, and giveaway have been provided to me by Summer’s Eve®.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Let's get personal today and talking about down there freshness with the help of Summer’s Eve® products. A topic I have always

Nerium Age-Defying Summer Slow Down

Nerium age defying

Thanks to The Nerium SA team, I was invited to the launch party and recieved compensation for my thoughts and time. #NeriumSA #BeautifulYou Remember when I attended the Nerium | Beautiful You event a few weeks ago? Since then I have been immersing myself in achieving my most beautiful self. As I enter the last

Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance

Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance #BonjourJouviance Jouviance Restructiv SRD exclusively at CVS product Review

Anti-aging Skin Care With Jouviance post is brought to you by Megaphone Influence and #Soapbox on behalf of their client #BonjourJouviance. Maintaining beautiful skin from the start is so important. I have gone through phases in my life that have forced me to invest in quality skin care. I was a fairly lucky

Memorial Day Weekend with Neutrogena Suncare #ChooseSkinHealth

Memorial day #ChooseSkinHealth @Neutrogena

Memorial Day Weekend with Neutrogena Suncare is is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA® and Latina Bloggers Connect. Memorial day weekend kicks off summer in our world. Being a home school family has so many advantages and this year I find it more important than ever to not only teach

My Productive Morning Regimen #MyColgateSelfie

Featured Photo Morning Regimen My healthy selfie #MyColgateSelfie

“This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and Colgate blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.” #MyColgateSelfie #ad What does refresh, restore and repair mean to you? To me it’s a regimen that helps me feel my best every single day. Living a healthy

Healthy Heart, Happy Life: Facts About Heart Disease in Women

Healthy Heart, Happy Life: Facts About Heart Disease in Women

Healthy heart, happy life. Facts about heart disease in women. Though breast cancer might get all the press, the number-one killer of American women is actually heart disease. In fact, heart disease is so dangerous, it is responsible for 1 in 3 deaths of women every year, which is roughly one

Fresh Spring Fashion Tips


Fresh spring fashion tips. If the balmy breezes of Spring haven’t reached your part of the country quite yet, they’re surely on their way. And about time! Haven’t we all had enough with bundling up? Whether you’re an avid style-watcher or a more down-home girl who just wants to look of

Squix Germ Fighting Monthly Subscription Box

Featured image squix germ fighting monthly subscription box for travel

The SQUIX germ fighting monthly subscription QBox is a new and innovative way to fight germs. Not only can you shop the monthly QBox, you can also shop the webstore for all the germ fighting products you need.  There is nothing more stressful for me than the week before our family of five goes on vacation.

Is Juicing Healthy? Expert advice on Juice Dieting

Is juicing healthy or just a fad? Learn all about juice dieting from expert Dr. Michael Hall, general practitioner and founder of The Hall Longevity Clinic in Miami Beach. It's important to know where the food item is sourced from, who is handling it, how it's processed, and what combinations of