Find Adventure With Bota Box

Let's Find adventure this summer with Bota Box

This post is sponsored by Bota Box. This summer I began feeling the shift and pressure to hustle a little harder, but I can't help but want to find adventure and hold on to every last drop of summer. I've never been so excited to bring wine on an adventure. I'd usually

The Importance Of “Smart” Living

how to live smart

The “Smart” Modern World You want to work “smarter”, not “harder”; and how you live is key to accomplishing this. It’s smarter to have flexibility than it is to have certain kind of stationary living. Granted, stability is nice—but what if property value plummets in the area you bought a house?

Santa Is Real We Are Joining The Santa Project

Fill the internet with belief of Santa

This post is sponsored by Macy's.  If you don't believe, you don't receive. A sentence I uttered to my oldest son a few years ago. I never had to repeat that sentence to him again. Christmas is a magical time and our family fully knows that Santa is real. I watch my boys

Making Traditions With Precious Moments #HolidayOrnament

Making Traditions With Precious Moments

This post is in collaboration with Precious Moments Ambassador Program. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to add a meaningful ornament into our collection. It's always fun to unpack our ornaments each year that have stories behind them. Our decorations have become very personal to my family over the years.

Geoffrey’s Birthday Club: Toys“R”Us #AwesomeMoment

Geoffrey’s Birthday Club is a sponsored post in collaboration with Toys“R”Us. Birthdays are so important especially for kids. Kids love the idea of a celebration honoring them and it's fun to become another year older. For my kids it's a day where they virtually make the rules. We start planing months in advance