Nifty Ideas For Your Wedding Preparation

Nifty Ideas For Your Wedding Preparation

If you ask any soon-to-be-bride, the wedding day can’t come soon enough; and yet, she’s happy for the extra time to get everything in order. Although it’s easy to make such a monumental event unforgettable, novel ideas mixed with traditional ones are still a good idea - when executed correctly

Tips For Planning A Romantic Getaway

Tips For Planning A Romantic Getaway

Are you thinking of surprising your better half with a romantic getaway? Here are some tips that will come in handy when planning one: Do Not Call it A Romantic Getaway When you call your getaway a ‘romantic getaway’, you will raise the expectations and it will be impossible to live up

Tips For Planning A Successful Charity Event

Tips For Planning A Successful Charity Event

Charity events are the best way to raise money for a good cause. They also present a positive approach to publicize the cause and educate people. Although many people are still doing it the old-fashioned way, with today’s digital age, with platforms such as Plumfund it is possible to raise

LG Front Loading Washer Benefits and Best Buy Deal

LG Front Load laundry benefits

  Last week while on vacation, I walked into our hotels laundry room and was met with a front loading washer. Compared to my ancient top loading washer, I was in for a treat and a washing experience like I never knew existed. My top loading washer is basically a loud drum that questionably

Things To Do In Atlanta Georgia With Kids

ATL Atlanta park Things To Do In Atlanta Georgia

Thanks to the travel influencers summit (Sitsum) I have the ultimate list of things to do in Atlanta Georgia. I fell in love with the idea of visiting Atlanta, before I had even been there. The entire city is full of art, culture and has a rich history. Luckily I

Lemi Shine My Inner Clean Freak #CleanFreakClean

Lemi Shine review and giveaway

This post is sponsored by Lemi Shine. All thoughts expressed are my own. It's time to start spring cleaning and rethinking how I will keep our home in tip top shape. I love this time of year, because it feels like a clean slate, a sort of out with the old, in with the new

How To Survive Las Vegas with Kids

Insider Tips on Vacationing in Las Vegas With Kids and Babies

The idea of vacationing to Las Vegas with kids in-tow may not be your idea of the ultimate family vacation. When my brother and his fiance made the decision to do a destination wedding in Las Vegas, I initially had reservations of taking our family of five. Vegas is stamped