How to Take the Headache out of Lawn Care

How to Take the Headache out of Lawn Care

How to Take the Headache out of Lawn Care. A nice lawn makes a good impression on visitors and keeps the neighbors happy, but that’s not all it can do for you. It’s also an extension of your home, an outdoor space that the whole family can enjoy. But

Raising Chickens: Week 19

raising chickens week 19

Oh my how these young ladies have grown, it has been a journey raising chickens.  My 12 pullets are about 19 weeks old today, give or take a few days.  They are a handful and get into a little bit of trouble around here just about everyday.  Raising chickens is

Gardening & baseball, that’s life

The boys garden is coming along!  Our first year of Tycoon, Tygress tomatoes and cucumbers. Oh  tee ball you make the craziness of life so much fun.  It's a blast watching my little guy and his team run the bases, catch the ball and learn team work.  Brody had his first

Simple Garden Ideas

Simple garden ideas. I love the idea of having a garden, there is nothing like growing a garden in your own backyard.  I contemplated plowing through our property and setting up my own garden and surprisingly my husband was on board.  After I did a little research and realized the amount