5 things you should do in November. Holiday cards, donate old toys, craft, matching PJ's and Pay It Forward.

5 Things You Should Do in November

5 Things You Should Do in November    Order Holiday Photo Cards  The folks at Minted have made ordering  Holiday Cards not only easy, but irresistible.  If there is one thing you

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Finding Balance with Angel Soft

 Finding Balance with Angel Soft We all know I am thrifty, as thrifty as one could be.  I make a bee line to the clearance sections, organize my online shopping by "least expensive", shop daily dea

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Staples: Shed, Shred and Get Ahead

Staples Shed, Shred and Get Ahead in 2013 Does your desk look anything like mine? This is a weekly thing around here.  A mix of work, mail and papers that I am scared to trash.  My organization go

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How To Easily Remove Wax From Walls Safely

How To Remove Wax from Walls

How to Safely remove wax from walls post contains affiliate links. When my four year old kicked a ball in the living room, I immediately cringed and then heard a crash. He knocked over my wax warmer

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Palmolive Fresh Infusions

It's been a crazy week and we are trying out Palmolive Fresh Infusions. I have been majorly busy this past week.  That two week break from homeschool was what I needed to get refocused but boy our

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