Food and RoC Skincare Pairings #VegasUncorkd #RoCYourPassions

Disclosure: I attended #VegasUncorkd on behalf of RoC Skincare. All thoughts expressed are my own. When I think of Las Vegas, I think of luxurious hotels, gambling and beautiful people. But the hidden gem underneath the glitz and glam of Las Vegas is the food and drink. You can find the top

Excuse me while we experience Spring Break!

If you are wondering why I have been off the map. I am busy enjoying spring break. The kids are out of school for spring break and the weather called for rain. Way to go mother nature, my husband suggested we hit the beach, but guess what?! Rain, yo! Rain just

Texas Road Tripping to the Best Zoo in Texas

Special thanks to the Dallas Zoo for accommodating my family with complimentary tickets. Part of my 2015 agenda includes more road trips.  I can't believe I am saying this, but bring on the junk food and packed suburban. Even with our very busy schedules, I am determined to add some adventures and memorable weekends in

A Day in Detroit | Travel

The city of Detroit, Michigan, was founded in 1701; and what that translates to is lots of cool thrifting opportunities just waiting for you to discover.  The thought of cool artwork, vintage antiques, turn of the century desk lamps, and vanity mirrors makes my toes tingle.  My black card was

Traveling With Preschoolers: Must Have Travel Gear

Short from packing up the entire house for our next vacation, I am gearing up for another year of traveling.  It's insane how much you actually need when you consider family travel. But trust me the memories are so worth it. We have been traveling a lot with our preschooler

Visit Barton Hill Farms Fall Festival and Corn Maze: Austin Texas

  Barton Hill Farms is set amongst 100-year-old cottonwood trees, rolling grassy hills and the picturesque Colorado River. The Fall Festival & Corn Maze is the perfect setting to let your kids enjoy true outdoor entertainment, including rides, games, a corn maze, pumpkin patch, local vendors and farm animals.   Large groups and school field

Experience WWE Monday Night Raw

Thanks to WWE for providing ATD with a Monday Night Raw experience. While I was out-of-town on vacation mode my contributor Aida enjoyed the ultimate WWE experience with her family in Austin, Texas for Monday Night Raw.  My family hated to miss out on a spectacular night of WWE.  You see

Welcome Summer!

welcome summer

What I thought would be a weekend vegging in front of the television turned out to be a fantastic relaxing getaway.  Exactly two weeks ago I woke up with sharp piercing pain in my lower back.  I have dealt with this pain before and attributed it to a pinch nerve.  When I

Flashing lights and UFC! Vegas Baby

Flashing lights, Blowing money, Lots of Lycra and UFC Vegas Baby

  Apparently I am not good at goodbye's, because I totally bounced on you guys.  I returned back to reality today.  My husband and I  just got back from Vegas.  It's been an entire 6 years since we have vacationed (alone).  Gasp, I know.  Let's blame the children for that one!