Pull-Ups Say Adiós to Diapers Meet-Up #SayAdiosToDiapers

Pull-Ups Say Adiós to Diapers Meet-Up #SayAdiosToDiapers

This past Saturday the stars aligned.  My husband was home and I was able to head out for a few hours and attend the Pull-Ups® Say Adiós to Diapers Meet-Up with a group of my favorite Latinas. Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers

Pull-Ups Potty Training a Family Affair

Pull-Ups Potty Training A Family Affair Last month I shared with you my tips on potty training a boy.  Now that our little guy is two we have started preparing for the next phase in his life.  Luckily we have been through this before, twice.  But the one thing I have

Potty Training a Boy Tips

This is my sweet Dom at 24 months. I have been dreaming of not purchasing diapers for a while now. It's just not fun changing a two year old's diaper and potty training a boy seems more enticing everyday.  I took a look back at my older two who really just