Celebrate My Drive and Commit To Safe Driving Tips

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How safe are we as drivers.  My oldest will be thirteen in eight weeks.  While he is not going to be driving for at least another three years.  This is a very impressionable time for him.  I’ve mentioned before that we have begun talking about the right and wrongs behind the wheel.  His love for driving a four wheeler for fun on the ranch has encouraged his idea that driving will be easy.

For those of us who get behind the wheel of a car we have moments where potential life altering decisions can be avoided.  From picking up our cell phone to not using both hands on the wheel.  Something petty can turn into something deadly in an instant even by the safest drivers.  I am encouraging every driver I know (yes, you) to make a commitment to safe driving.

Four Tips to Encourage Safe Driving at Any Age

Complete all tasks before you move your vehicle.  Making a phone call, texting, looking at yourself in your visor mirror, one handed driving, reaching for items {out of reach}.  These are all tasks that can be done parked, but should never be done while your vehicle is in motion.  Make it a point to do these things before you drive off and if something comes up, pull over in a safe spot first.

Remember to click-it all around.  Before take off, so-to-speak take a moment to make sure everyone is buckled in properly.  This is always the drivers responsibility to make sure their cargo is safe. I make it a habit to give the thumbs up, when we are all safe and secure in our seats.

Don’t be afraid to read and learn about the news of vehicle accidents.  It’s easy to ignore them, especially if you aren’t tied to a person who has been a victim of careless driving.  Share findings with your family and friends as a reminder that some habits are not worth the risk.  Safe driving and a commitment to do so’ saves with Celebrate my Drive. lives


Become a safe driver role model.   Most all of us are visual learners and learn a lot by seeing how our parents reacted in potentially dangerous situations.  Treat the drivers seat like a well-oiled-machines.

Read and share the Teen Driver Safety Website.

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