The Celebrations Continue with Tres Reyes #JCPenneyLatino #RealLatinoHoliday

The Celebrations Continue with Tres Reyes #JCPenneyLatino #RealLatinoHoliday photo credit: Keith Williamson

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It’s three days until Tres Reyes, our big celebration to end the holiday season.  Nope, it’s not over, yet!   The Celebrations Continue with Tres Reyes.

The Celebrations Continue with Tres Reyes #JCPenneyLatino #RealLatinoHoliday  photo credit: Keith Williamsonphoto credit: Keith Williamson

While most seem to be taking down their Christmas decorations and setting their sights on the New Year, we are preparing for our biggest holiday party of the year.

We have our work cut out for us every holiday season, but don’t skip a beat when it comes to our Catholic Latino traditions.  We cap it all off with El Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day) celebration on January 6th.

I am big on instilling the reason behind the season to my boys.  El Dia de Reyes is a fantastic family tradition that gives my children a virtual peak into the birth of Jesus.  The three wise men Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar traveled to visit Jesus after his birth bearing him gifts.  The 12 days of Christmas tradition includes the anticipation of the three kings.  We traditionally gift each of our children three gifts each (one from each king) on January 6th.

Each gift is special.  One keepsake usually a  piece of jewelry.  A special occasion outfit- they could wear to church.  And the last gift is a toy.  I purchase all of these items right after Christmas at JCPenney, wrap them and hide them from the boys until the sixth.

We bring out the three Wise Mens figurines the evening before their arrival and add them to our nativity.  Our children bring their shoes and place them near the front door.  In hopes the Three Wise Men have special gifts to leave for them.  In the morning their shoes are replaced with gifts from the Kings.

The Celebrations Continue with Tres Reyes #JCPenneyLatino #RealLatinoHoliday  photo credit: Lawrence OPphoto credit: Lawrence OP

The day is spent with family joining us for a big feast of traditional Latino foods like, tamales, Rosca de Reyes (a special sweet bread) and side dishes that would make our ancestors proud.

Watch the last video brought to us by JCPenney  by choir singer Camila about Los Tres Reyes and her interpretation of the day.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, comment on the video.

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