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I can’t help but notice that my facebook feed is filled with questions on giving and getting pets as Christmas gifts this year. Specifically a puppy as a Christmas present for children. I wholeheartedly agree a puppy is a special gift, that ultimately brings out the good in people. My dearest childhood friend was actually contemplating a hamster for her 12 year old daughter and I couldn’t help but encourage her to think about adopting a puppy from a local shelter. Let’s just say I hold a special place in my heart for dogs and can’t imagine my life without our fur babies. 

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This is Tex the most gentle, sweetheart Rottweiler you will ever meet. He is obsessed with belly rubs, tennis balls and Beneful Originals. 

Is it a good idea to get a puppy as a Christmas present for your family?

Think about who will be responsible for this pet. A small child may not be ready to handle training a puppy. Ultimately there will need to be someone who can handle all the ins and outs of potty training, crate train and teaching your new puppy the ropes.

Is the commitment there? Fortunately dogs can live a very long time. Make sure that your puppy as a Christmas present is something you are committed to for years to come. Healthy dogs live about 10 – 13 years and cost anywhere from $600 a year on up.

I firmly feel that if you aren’t dead set on a certain breed of dog, you invest sometime seeking out a dog at a local shelter and spend time meeting potential fur babies. Shelters will allow you time to play with the dogs, walk them and get to know their personalities. It’s a great way to answer a lot of questions you may have regarding getting a certain puppy as a Christmas present. 

Do your research prior to getting a puppy as a Christmas present. Decide if you will want to invest in puppy training classes, look into a local veterinarian and calculate wellness costs including shots for your puppy. Think about where your puppy will sleep and play. Do you have a secure yard that is safe for them to play in?

Research dog food options and get more information on feeding your dog Beneful

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