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Crazy Parenting Tactics #CloroxLounge

What’s the most-used and underrated room in your home? One word the bathroom!  Yup, that one!  The place us moms run to and hide out in.  Our saving grace when we need a little time out from the family.  The folks over at Clorox have created TheCloroxLounge.com.  A go-to site for mom’s to get away.  Now we have another hide out spot.  The Clorox Lounge is hosted by the one and only comedian, mom and actress Sherri Shepherd.

What will you find in the Clorox Lounge?  The chance to win $10,000, fun contests,  amazing give-a-ways, money saving coupons and comic relief to cure your mommy time out.  Starting February 27,2012 you will have the chance to cast your weekly votes for your favorite comic.  Also Make sure you join The Clorox Lounge and comment daily, just by joining you will be in the running to win $10,000.  Sign in and comment for two extra entries daily.  Sherri Shepard also hosts weekly giveaways, where you can try to score $100 gift card just by telling a story.  If you don’t win the weekly $100 giveaway, you are still in the running for the 10 Clorox package weekly giveaways.  And don’t be afraid to post and tell a story.  For telling your first  story you will score a $1 off coupon.  The lounge is a funny go to place to get a good chuckle and entertainment from hilarious parents from all over.


Do you have any crazy parenting tactics?  I have a few up my sleeve.  Some I’m super proud of and one or two I’m super embarrassed to say I do.   Right now I have a very handy tactic for getting us from place to place without all the drama.  My three year old  has an obsession with his favorite restaurants.  Which makes for interesting car rides when we drive by his favorite places.  I’ve had to resort to telling my boy places are closed and parks are only open at certain times of day.  Like when mommy is in a rush, the parks close or when we already have plans Chuck E Cheese won’t open.  Even if there are people or cars my kiddo will announce”the workers are the workers cleaning up”.  It is a little sly and even a little bit of a white lie, but it gets us where we need to be with no tears shed.  I let him go into our home calendar and pick one day that is free in the current month and let that be his day to pick where he wants to go.  It works well and he knows that mommy will make sure they are going to be open, just for us.  Mommy can work magic, and I love the simplicity of children under 4. 

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