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Daily rituals that bring My Family Together #TropFloridaOJ

In a world that makes it virtually impossible to always have our family together I have made daily family rituals as important as brushing my teeth.   Tropicana Pure Florida Orange Juice has a new sweepstakes perfect for bringing your family together.  Get all the details to winning 100 Florida prizes, including one-year-supplies of Tropicana  and a trip to Florida to visit an orange grove at


Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Orange Juice Fun Facts

Tropicana Pure Premium is 100% Pure Florida Orange Juice.  The largest buyer of Florida fruit, Tropicana purchases about 11.6 billion oranges each year.  With Groves in 22 different Florida counties.  Microclimates and soil types provide for multiple peak maturity for harvesting ripe fruit throughout the season.  Since the 1560s oranges have been grown in Florida , about 147 years before any other U.S. state.

Breakfast Together

My three boys and husband will stop everything for food.  So I have turned to the basics to get these guys off to a great start.  Breakfast is our first family ritual of the day.  I don’t have time or the energy to make a huge breakfast, but with shortcuts we have amazing meals first thing in the morning. One of my favorite 15 minute breakfasts:

  • Tropicana Pure 100% Orange Juice

  • Scrambled Egg whites

  • a few slices of ham {fried}

  •  fruit {cut up the night before}

  • 3 bagels sliced & toasted

Serve on a platter and let everyone make their own plates.  This is my secret weapon to getting them at the table all together.  If my oldest son only wants his OJ, ham and half a bagel he knows there are 4 others at the table who might eat it if he lets it sit long enough.  I make sure to have breakfast served at least 30 minutes before anyone has to get out the door.  We all sit together and go over our day and best of all get to spend our mornings together.


5 ‘o clock Wrap Up

It’s refreshing to have my entire family under the roof at 5.  This is our sacred time after work, school and before the craziness of the evening.  Oh, yes our evenings are chaotic.  We turn our kitchen table into homework central and I pull out brain food.  My husband and I disconnect from the world and focus on our kids.  We get the homework completed and snack to get us over the hump from lunch until dinner time which is an unpredictable 7-8 pm meal depending on scheduling.  I keep the snacks semi-healthy, mini meals. A few of our classics:

  • Peanut butter, Banana & honey Sandwiches

  • Fruit Smoothies {1C yogurt, 1C fruit, ice & 1C Tropicana Orange Juice}

  • Pita Chips & cream cheese dip

  • 7 layer dip {refried beans, guacamole, shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped tomato, lettuce shredded, chopped olives} & tortilla chips

  • Tropicana Pure Orange Juice to wash it all down


Pajamas by 9

No matter what my children have been doing they know they must be showered and ready for bed at 9pm.  Televisions, games and  toys are not allowed and we all convene to the living room.  This is my husbands and I’s last chance to enjoy our children before bed.  Whether we sit and veg for  bit, read a book out loud or just simply all share a bowl of popcorn we get to reconnect and unwind for 20 minutes or so.

Our rituals are what keeps us a family without them we would be a bunch of people sharing a home.  We focus our efforts on the quality of our rituals and never set limits to the amount of time we get with each other.   If our rituals last 15 minutes or 1 hr I am just happy to have them daily.

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Tropicana blogging program, to earn My SocialMoms Rewards Points. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. 

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer, entrepreneur and business owner. She built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms. Michelle is in her fifth year of homeschooling her 4 kids with her husband right outside of San Antonio, Texas. Instagram, twitter and facebook.

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  1. It’s nice to see that there are still people who value family time with everyone’s hectic schedules these days.My family eats together once a day. Some days its breakfast, some days it’s lunch, and some ays its dinner bu without fail it is once a day.

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