Datevitation Custom Love Coupon Books

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As is sit here eight days before Christmas my priorities, thoughts and ideas have all shifted.  I have made it my duty to make everything a little more meaningful and put as much thought into our day to day as possible.  I get so caught up in life that I seem to loose touch of what’s important.  Today I have scoured the internet and done the last of my online shopping.  My husband is always the last on my list and today was no different, I love to give him gifts that are more than he expects like custom love coupons.  
What better gift than a Datevitation, a completely custom love coupon book. This is the perfect customize-able gift.  The entertaining and cleverly designed stick figures make this a fun light hearted gift that also represents a great way to reconnect and bring back our date nights.  Datevitation is a family business run by the husband-wife team of Alex and Olga Karpman.  Check out their Datevitation blog, there are some great date ideas.  Datevitation offers a huge library of date ideas, pick your faves to include in your book for future dates.  You choose the genders for the giver and receiver.  It makes for a great gift not only for your significant other, but your bestie, sister or anyone near and dear to you that you’d love to make special dates with.  You pick the design, add text (or use the pre-written creations) and design it to match the occasion.  

Custom love coupon Datevitation books are only $20, making this a great stocking stuffer or mini-gift.


If you hurry you can order by the Priority Shipping cut off date of December 19 and have your books by Christmas.



Shop Datevitation 

books are only $20 and if you order now get a $5 off discount with the promo code.
Get $5 off using Promo code: ATHRIFTYDIVA 
valid through December


I am getting special books for gifts to kick off the New Year.  It’s a bucket list of 2013 Dates for me and my hubs and one for my favorite girlfriend and I to get away and do something fab every couple of months.


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