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Delivery Man in Theaters 11/22 Trailer #DeliveryManMovie

Could you imagine a man fathering five hundred and thirty three children?  Sounds impossible, right?!  Funny man Vince Vaughn comes to us (November 22, 2013) in the new movie Delivery Man.
Delivery Man in Theaters 11/22 Trailer #DeliveryManMovie

Vince Vaughn plays David an average underachiever who discovers he is the biological father of 533 children from a 20 year old donation he gave to a fertility clinic.  With over one hundred of them filing a lawsuit, David (Vince Vaughn) has the daunting task of deciding if he should come forward and how to approach the situation.

The movie looks like it’s going to pull at heart strings and also a perfect dose of humor.  CHeck out this just released trailer and mark your calendars.


Catch Delivery Man in theaters November 22, 2013

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