Germs in the Classroom

How clean are your kids classrooms?  I can’t imagine all the germs that travel around the schools day after day. Uggh…

I recently got my hands on the Scotch-Brite Botanical disinfecting wipes.  Wiping down counter tops, door knobs, tables, light switches, chairs, keyboards, etc. is so important.  Disinfecting wipes are just as important in a classroom as the children.

The Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of household germs and cold & flu viruses. With a swipe and no rinsing required it’s a simple act to rid your common areas of germs.  I have the Lemongrass scent, a mix of fresh cut grass and fresh lemons. Also available in Breeze scented wipes.  Not only do the disinfecting wipes make cleaning a cinch they also act as an odor neutralizer.

Next time you’re in the cleaning aisle grab an extra Scotch-Brite tube of disinfecting wipes for your child’s teacher.  I’m positive they will appreciate it. 

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Disclosure: I received a sample product in exchange for my thoughts.  All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect those of Scotch-Brite or others.

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