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Dollar General Diapers Review

Diapers. Diapers. Diapers. We are officially going on 4 years of buying diapers next month and my youngest will still be going strong in diapers for at least the next 5 months.  Potty training couldn’t sound any sweeter right now but in the mean time we will keep buying diapers.  I have tried every brand known to mom in an effort to get the best bang for my buck, without sacrificing my little mans sensitive bottom.  When a new disposable comes on the market I jump at the opportunity to see what it’s all about.

Introducing the newest Premium Diaper by Dollar General.

Besides the obvious of needing an affordable diaper I look for a range of “must haves” to fit the bill for our choice in diapers.

  • Need to fit well around the thighs and rise well on the back side.  There is nothing worse than a diaper that doesn’t protect against a range of potential disasters.
  • The tabs need to withstand rough pulling and tugging, by a 1 year old who will randomly peel it off.  There are many times a dry diaper has been ripped off and needs to be put back on.
  • No funky smells, my son has sensitive skin with irritation coming from some of the scents.
  • Soft move-able diaper that will withstand jumping, climbing and not leak.
  • Survive a six hour night.  I’m not a fan of needing an overnight diaper on top of a regular diaper.  My son doesn’t do to much damage during the night, so I like to stick with one style of diaper.  Although for the heavy diaper wetters they do make an overnight style.

We gave a twenty-pack of Dollar General diapers a go, to see how they fared.

What do we think?

I love them!  We had no issues with these diapers.  They  fit nicely around his legs and waist.  The entire twenty diapers fared well against a little boy that loves to jump around and put diapers to the test.  No blowouts or leaks and we woke up with dry sheets, which is always a great start to a day.  The animal design with the size on every diaper is an added touch that gives these a nice simple look.


Lastly the DG Baby Diapers,  Size 4,  74 ct are $13.50 each that’s approx.  $0.18 a diaper.  If you love coupons take advantage of their $5 off $25 coupons buy two packs and get an even sweeter deal.  142 diapers at $0.15 a diaper when you buy two packs and use a $5 off $25 Dollar General Coupon.  More info on that coupon on their Facebook page.

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