Recap From Domino’s Blogger Day #DPZBloggerDay14


Disclosure: I was invited to Domino’s Headquarters.  This post reflects my experience.


Two weeks ago I jumped on a plane from Texas to Michigan for #DPZBloggerDay14.  I have been a long time fan of pizza, in fact our local Domino’s is a ten minute drive from my home and the closest eatery within a 15 mile radius.  So yes, Domino’s pizza is a pretty normal meal plan for us. The build your own pizzas means my family of five get’s exactly what they want and the Domino’s Tracker, I mean isn’t it irresistibly hard not to watch as you anticipate what is going on with that pizza you just ordered.  Side note, it’s a great resource to stop kiddos from relentlessly asking “when is the pizza gonna get here?”. Even though you literally just ordered it, they will ask. The tracker is a win, win in my book.  My gut totally told me to accept the invitation to Domino’s blogger day.  The day was definitely jam packed, starting out at Domino’s Farms in Ann Arbor where we got a tour of the headquarters and a lesson in the back story that makes Domino’s Pizza who it is today. That’s our blogger group above along with CEO Patrick Doyle.  Patrick was kind enough to have lunch with us as we grilled him on the most pressing questions about being the CEO of Domino’s. Where do you see the technology of Domino’s going in the future? Have you ever considered having your own instagram account Patrick? All kinda kidding aside, Patrick Doyle was a great sport about our intense questions. And if you are curious Domino’s Corporate is 1/3 IT staffed, making for a very technology filled business. And no instagram for now, but just maybe Patrick Doyle will join the rest of us in the social world.  You can follow Domino’s on instagram though.

dominos headquarters


dominos pizza blogger


We also toured the Domino’s Supply Chain, where the start of the magic happens.  Dough anyone?dominos

dominos dough

dominos dough trays

My favorite part of the day was getting in the test kitchen.  It was an inside peak at making pizza. This is an art people, I failed miserably at the art of of stretching pizza dough, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. .  Although score one for me it tasted absolutely perfect.



my pizza

Mushrooms, pineapple, ham, green peppers… this is pizza heaven y’all.

close up dominos pizza

cooked pizza

Before you run off and order your own Domino’s pizza, because I know this post was tempting enough. Grab your Apple or Android phone and download the Dom app.  The app allows you to say what you want and have it ordered without the hassle.  I also dare you to have a little chat with Dom, he’s a pretty clever guy.  Tell him hi, ask him to tell you a joke…  He’s an endless source of fun.




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