Where’s Your Dream Dog Park? #FriendsWithBeneful #DreamDogPark

Dream Dog Park Project #FriendsWithBeneful #DreamDogPark

Beneful Dream Dog Park Project post is sponsored by Beneful, all thoughts expressed are my own. #FriendsWithBeneful #DreamDogPark

Where’s Your Dream Dog Park? It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found one fairly close to my home. I took my dogs with low expectations on how a dog park would benefit them. I worried about how they would react with other dogs around and how other dogs/pet owners would feel towards our dogs. Surprisingly they ran around just like kids in a playground. I think they even had a few games of tag with their new friends. I was shocked at how much fun they had and how well they played. We left making promises we would be back very soon. I realized that taking our dogs to a dog park was an excellent way to get them more exercise than we could have ever given them at home. The atmosphere of having them with dog lovers was something we hadn’t quite experienced. It’s a whole new world than taking your dog to a park or even anywhere in public, where you don’t know how people will react to your dog. Dream Dog Park #FriendsWithBeneful #DreamDogPark

Our local dog park has ultimately provided us with the perfect place to socialize our dogs, provide them with a fun atmosphere to exercise and build a stronger bond together.

Beneful Dream Dog Park Project

The Beneful Dream Dog Park Project helps to build and/or improve dog parks across the U.S. From what started out as a contest has turned into a way to add to communities. For 2016 the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project has partnered with GoFundMe and aims to support 12 parks through donation, service days, and more. The partnership of Beneful Dream Dog Park Project and GoFundMe gives dog park organizers a platform to create campaigns to better their communities with funding for improvements and even getting a new park off the ground. 

Get all the information on the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project, dog park etiquette, pet safety and more at the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project website.

Dream Dog Park

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