Upgrade Your Entertainment With Actiontec #BBYactiontec


Upgrade Your Entertainment With Actiontec is a sponsored post. I have been compensated in the form  product, in exchange for this post. #BBYactiontec

We spend so much time entertaining and enjoying our home theater system, that for my husband and I we are constantly dreaming about the next best thing. We love technology and can spend an afternoon coveting over all the new goodies on the Best Buy floor. When it comes to our televisions we love bigger and better. While it is impossible to keep upgrading every single TV in our home we have found a few shortcuts that add more to our current entertainment systems.  

Upgrade Your Entertainment With Actionte

Brilliant HD Without the Wires

ActionTec Wireless HDTV #BBYactiontec

Since I can’t upgrade my bedroom TV to a smart TV just yet. We have an XBOX One and a Blu-Ray player connected via HDMI cables. How obtrusive are wires? I mean we are always trying to hide them, but they just hang from our wall mounted TV looking so messy.  I happily welcomed the MyWirelessTV 2 into my bedroom and disconnected that obtrusive HDMI cable that was hanging down.  MyWirelessTV 2  gives us the flexibility to go wireless and still connect our television to our Blu-ray and XBOX 0ne minus all the wires.

Actiontec receiver

Wireless Display from your phone, tablet or laptop

ActionTec screenbeam_0 ActionTec Wireless HDTV #BBYactiontec

I can’t count the times I tried to show my family a video I took on my phone and everyone hovers around trying to look at the small screen. All those little moments are now easily displayed on any HDTV with theScreenBeam Mini2. We can even watch Netflix on our TV now, something I did only on my laptop, tablet or phone. The ScreenBeam Mini2 mirrors it all onto any  HDTV.  Beam movies, videos, music, games, applications, presentations, documents and more. 

ScreenBeam Mini 2 Actiontec




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