Treasuring My Family #FamiliaLubriderm #LatinaBloggers

Treasuring My Family #FamiliaLubriderm #LatinaBloggers

These little boys of mine, I just want to cover them in bubble wrap and protect them from everything life has to offer.

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Treasuring My Family #FamiliaLubriderm #LatinaBloggers From the top of their little heads to the tips of their toes healthy skin and a happy family is my priority.  I take every step I can think of to protect my family. Theyy have always been my number one priority, but one thing we realized last year, was that we let the hustle and bustle of work interfere with our family time.  This year I am making it a point to enjoy the little moments where my entire family can be together at least weekly.

This week we had an impromptu ride on the outdoor carousel in 37° weather.  This was a priceless adventure for our family.  I truthfully am not a fan of the cold weather and wanted to do something indoors. My boys and husband thought it was a fantastic idea to take an outdoor carousel ride and enjoy the freezing temperatures.
carousel ride Treasuring My Family #FamiliaLubriderm #LatinaBloggers

This little Tuesday evening adventure turned out to be a fabulous idea.  It was just another day that has our boys on pins and needles waiting for next weeks random adventure.  They where so happy that it was something outside of the box and totally unexpected.  We ended the night off with a few games in the arcade.  A good ol’ game of skeeball, and hot cocoa to keep us toasty for our walk back to the car.

skeeball Treasuring My Family #FamiliaLubriderm #LatinaBloggers

Enjoying family time and having a healthy family will always be my number one priority.  Protecting them and their skin with Lubriderm lotions.  From a Daily Moisture Lotion, a sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 15, a calming lavender jasmine lotion, to the men’s 3-in-1 lotion with light fragrance, everyone is protected.   Even my little independent guy with his sensitive and dry prone skin.  He does well with the advanced therapy lotion that is not greasy and leaves his skin looking and feeling moisturized all day.  For my husband the men’s 3-in-1 makes grooming a simple one step process.  Perfect for moisturizing all over as a body and a post shave cream on his face.

lubriderm Treasuring My Family #FamiliaLubriderm #LatinaBloggers

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