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Five Mom-Inspired Driving Tips #Esurance

A mom to three little one’s , I stress at the dangers of being on the road.  Plain and simple the road is not the safest of places.  At any given time there is an accident happening.  Whether it be a careless mistake or something that is out of our control the roads can be a scary place.  My five tips to keep you and your precious cargo safe on the road.

Don’t use the drive as a time to take care of errands.  The road may seem like a peaceful time to make over the phone appointments, etc.  In all reality it’s the worst.  The distraction of watching the road, other drivers, talking on the phone and making an important appointment is one of the most dangerous things we can do on the road.  Looking for a pen, scratch paper, a calendar, jotting down information these are all huge distractions.

Don’t drive with cranky kids.  Unless of course the drive will calm them down and hopefully give them a nap.  Make sure the kids are fed, everyone has used the potty and snacks and sippy cups are within reach.  Lets face it we have stuff to do.  Most of my errands are done with three little ones in tow.  It never fails that mid trip my boys are hungry, need a drink and will let me know it.  Avoid the stress and have these within there reach or easy enough for you to pass to them once you have a chance to pass them out.

Buckle up those car seats and boosters, RIGHT. It’s not only important to buckle up, it’s important to have our precious babies seats buckled up correctly.  Every time I am about to stick my little one in there chairs I give them a good wiggle.  If they aren’t snug it’s time to re-buckle them.

Drive respectfully.  Respect the road and respect other drivers.  Drive cautiously and make sure you are treating everyone on the road how you would like to be treated.  I get very nervous when a vehicle gets very close behind me ans if they want me to drive faster.  I make sure that even in a hurry I don’t tale close behind others.

Drive  with a kind heart.  My boys love the car rides they play license plate games, count cows {we live in the middle of ranches} and most importantly have their ears and eyes on mama.  I refrain from making negative comments at other drivers, honking just to be mean and leave a good impression on my kids.  I want them to be kind safe people and drivers.  In order for me to feel like I am doing my job as a role model and parent, I make a huge effort at what entails being kind.

In all being a cautious driver who’s only concern is driving is the best way to keep  you and those around you as safe as can be.  We as drivers have a duty to be safe drivers.   Stop over and like Esurance on facebook.


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