Flat Iron Experts Review Cortex Solo 450


What does your hair style regimen consist of?  My hair is very average, a little wavy, flips out on the ends and thick.  I long for pin straight hair with volume and in an effort to achieve the look have gone through many of flat irons.  Most fail for lack of having the heat factor my hair needs and the others fall short for other issues.  I make do with some but have not been “wowed” by any.

Enter the Cortex Solo 450 in giraffe print.  This is not only a beautiful flat iron it is also nothing short of amazing.   It has seamlessly tamed my mane.  Heating up to 450 degrees F, this makes the Cortex Solo 450 the  hottest heat setting flat iron on the market.  Another plus, no waiting for this baby to heat up.  In seconds, I was able to get the flat iron to it’s maximum heat potential. The ceramic PTC heater keeps a core temperature to distribute even heat along the Titanium plates.  My hair looks and feels healthier and shinier after running it through the flat iron.   I love that it has a swivel cord that keeps me from tangling up my arm in the cord.   Using a Nano Titanium Technology.  The Titanium plates are a conductor of heat that emit negative ions and far infrared heat.  Preserving moisture within the hair shaft and closing the cuticle to create smooth and shiny hair.  This is how I was able to get  healthier looking hair after using the Cortex Solo 450.

The Cortex Solo 450 has exceeded my expectations as far as flat irons are concerned.

I am also using the KQC Thermal Shine Spray which is awesome.  Lightly spray over hair before applying heat for heat protection and ultra shine.  The spray is lightweight and not greasy which makes it a must have for all hair types.



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