Fruity PEBBLES Simplify Your Morning Routine For Kids


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One thing I am so grateful I did for the past two weeks before our daughter arrived was to keep our kitchen fully stocked. I made sure we had the essentials to keep my husband from running to the store. We wanted at least a weeks worth of meals at home and that included breakfast, lunch and dinner. I concentrated on having delicious cereal for kids that allows my family to help themselves in the mornings. PEBBLES™ cereals are a fun and affordable breakfast that inspires more playfulness and joy in our lives. My boys love to be treated to a bowl (or two) of Fruity PEBBLES™ for breakfast. 


We start our day with PEBBLES™ cereals, because they taste delicious and inspire happiness. Fruity PEBBLES™ are my boys favorite way to unleash their drive to explore, create and learn. Being homeschoolers, I depend on a fun breakfast and a full night of sleep to get them motivated each day. We do a lot of hands on learning during our kinder and second grade school day. Everything from singing to playing, and lots of learning. PEBBLES™ makes it easy to start our day on the right foot. 

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Adding a newborn to the mix of our mornings has been challenging.  We are taking it easy and slowly integrating homeschool in throughout the day with lots of breaks. I love that my boys have an easy breakfast for kids and it’s ready in seconds. Today went a lot smoother having a bowl of Fruity PEBBLES™ cereal first thing in the morning.  

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