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Gardening & baseball, that’s life

The boys garden is coming along!  Our first year of Tycoon, Tygress tomatoes and cucumbers.

photo (37)

Oh  tee ball you make the craziness of life so much fun.  It’s a blast watching my little guy and his team run the bases, catch the ball and learn team work.  Brody had his first game and even played catcher – gotta love catchers gear on a four year old.


Not sure if I should be excited but Dom loves to stand on the balance board and hit the ball thrown to him and even calls time between pitches.  I am not sure I am ready for three kids in baseball.

photo (39)

In other news, I’m obsessed with peplum tops and got lucky finding this one at target for $20.  Seriously reminds me of a tutu…I’m in love!

photo (1)

Just when I thought spring was here a cold front decided to blow in.  You know what that means, comfort food!  This is my fave carne guisada recipe it’s from the homesick Texan – delish and a perfect meal for our chilly evening. 

photo (35)

This poor dog has no idea what it’s like to be left alone.

photo (2)

This is what happens when I let a two year old walk around walmart while I pick up a few groceries.  He had everyone around us giggling.

photo (38)

I found a maxi skirt to go with my Royals basball hat and my rockin’ handmade bracelet from a friend!  Hey who said you can’t be fashionable at the baseball field.

photo (3)

AJ before his triple got a little good luck high five from his baby brother.


Keeping the boys occupied so I can watch the game requires a billion and one things.  The wagon, snacks, an iPad, a kindle, headphones… I’m tired just thinking of the amount of things I have to pack to keep them occupied.   Sure I could take them without anything but a 4 and 2 year old running around a baseball field is stressful.

photo (36)

A few of the highlights from the week!!

Don’t forget I just posted a great Digimon giveaway with 4 prizes.

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14 thoughts on “Gardening & baseball, that’s life

  1. Great Pictures! I still runaround trying to think ahead to what everyone might need when we are out. DVD player? iTouch? Drinks anyone? Oh you’re hungry? (Aren’t they always?) You did a great job of capturing all of that.

  2. Michelle, your little boys are soooo cute! I absolutely adore little boys because I have one myself and when they do these cute things, I just can’t help but get so giddy! Love love the catcher suit! He must be really good!

    Also love all the little outfits you put together, especially the bracelet! I like poppin over once in a while just to see what you’re wearing! lol!

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