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How To Get Rid of Acne: Clear Proof Acne System

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mary Kay.  All thoughts expressed are my own. 

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I’m guilty of doing everything you are not supposed to do when it comes to having a clear face. My teenage years were oh so good to me, but my young adult years were a roller coaster of battles with acne.  Unfortunately my skin only got worse with three pregnancies and I have tried just about every quick acne fix on the market.  I have picked up a few tricks to make my daily routine of a flawless face more attainable and to minimize my battle with acne.

Clear and conceal blemishes for a more flawless look.

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1. Daily skin care regimen.  I know how easy it is to skip the routine and how a multi-step program can feel tedious.  I’m here to tell you that salicic acid and benzoyl peroxide are your friends and will improve your skin if used correctly.  My acne plan is courtesy of Mary Kay clear proof acne system.  The clear proof system has four steps.  The clarifying cleanser immediately removed my oily skin and left my face feeling clean.  The blemish control toner will leave that fresh tingle all over your face and noticeably removed makeup and dirt that I have missed with the cleanser.    For on the spot acne treatment is use the gel as an easy way to target any trouble spots.   Lastly the moisturizer which is one of my favorite “do not skip” steps, it immediately helps my face look hydrated and fresh.

2. Ever notice those breakouts around your cheekbones? It just might be from your phone.  Your phone is a breeding ground for germs.  Icky pore clogging dirt and grime is sitting on your phone at this very minute.  And then you send out a few texts, make a few phone calls and boom… you have just introduced a whole new family of acne onto your face.

3. Skip the caffeinated drinks and opt for water whenever possible. Plain ol’ water  is the best way to flush out those toxins in your body.  Spend a few days with more water and less caffeine and watch your skin literally start to breath.

4. Less sleep each night, means more stress on your body.  More stress causes natural breakouts.  So sleep it off and look more rested and fresh faced.

5. Skip the fingertip applications and opt for clean makeup tools.  Use a drop of shampoo and warm water daily to clean your brushes and tools.  Rinse them out in warm water until the water runs clear and leave tools out to air dry daily.


The Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System fights my acne and is leaving me with better skin than I have ever had.  Using the daily cleanser has dramatically decreased the breakouts and left me having to disguise fewer trouble spots if any.  Now I still have occasional spots of breakouts, it is not a magic formula that will change your bodies reaction to food, impurities and hormones.  What the clear proof system does is keep the surfaces and top layers of your skin as clean as possible.


Win Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System (valued at $45)

Giveaway ends 9/16/2014 at 11:59PM CST.  Winner will be announced here and via email with 48 hours to respond to be eligible.  US Residents 18+ only.

To enter please comment below letting me know about your current acne fighting routine.

Michelle Cantu is a digital influencer, entrepreneur and business owner. She built a thriving community dedicated to supporting parents and inspiring moms. Michelle is in her fifth year of homeschooling her 4 kids with her husband right outside of San Antonio, Texas. Instagram, twitter and facebook.

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7 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Acne: Clear Proof Acne System

  1. My current acne fighting regimen consists of neutrogena acne fighting cleanser, cetaphil face moisturizer and neutrogena acne spot treatment. I’m still struggling with adult acne and I’m looking for new products to help.

  2. My acne routine is washing my face every morning, afternoon, and everytime before i go to sleep. It really helps, but i think its time to try something new.

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