Girl’s Best Friend, #NationalDogWeek with Beneful #FriendsWithBeneful

girls best friend

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Beneful, all thoughts expressed are my own. #NationalDogWeek #FriendsWithBeneful AD

National Dog Week is winding down so I thought I’d hit you with one more post, because man’s girl’s best friend is the only thing that will love you more than he loves himself. It’s true a dog’s heart is pure and man or woman the love runs deep. I get insanely emotional talking about my dogs. I had a dog named Petie growing up. I adored that boy and will forever beat myself over the fact that he went missing over ten years ago. A photo of him still sits on my desk and it’s usually a topic of conversation with my kids and I when we hang out in my office.

girls best friend

This is my dog Tex, he has taught me a lot about myself and strengthened our families bond. We are celebrating today (the last day of) National Dog Week at a dog show. If you want to see what we are up to in real-time follow me on snapchat (michelleatd).

If you are stumped for ideas on how to celebrate your last day of National Dog Week with your best friend checkout my list of seven ways to celebrate National Dog Week and for more inspiration I am sharing the 2015 Beneful National Dog Week survey.

These are the activities that dog owners believe make their dogs happiest:

  1. Eating dog treats (96%)
  2. Mealtime (90%)
  3. Chewing a dog bone (87%)
  4. Going on walks (86%)
  5. Snuggling (84%)
  6. Playing fetch (74%)
  7. Riding in the car (71%)
  8. Going to the dog park (56%)
  9. Running/jogging with someone (55%)
  10. Being brushed/groomed (48%)

National Dog Week Infographic

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