Grill and Serve Dinner My Favorite Meal

Grill and Serve Dinner My Favorite Meal

disclosure Grill and Serve Dinner My Favorite Meal
Grill and Serve Dinner My Favorite Meal
My idea of the perfect meal is a Grill and Serve Dinner it includes a great cut of steak and grilled vegetables.  Preferably a ribeye, asparagus, mushrooms and onions all grilled to perfection.  Now you know the secret to impressing my belly.

Grill and Serve Dinner My Favorite Meal

Quite often we take to our gas grill for dinner, my husband is the master at the pit.  I won’t take credit for his skills.  My skills are obviously making it all come together beautifully.  If you cook over direct heat, you know how fast grilling can go wrong.  And for vegetables you want just enough heat to pull out the flavor and cook them without burning.  I finally have the perfect grillware griddle, it’s from Wilton Armetale.  My love for grilling was stepped up a notch with this griddle.  Not only is it perfect for cooking on, it also serves as a platter.

I  start grilling vegetables in throwaway tins on the gas grill (except I usually reuse them and wash a few times before I discard).  I love playing with homemade marinades, so baskets are usually out of the question when grilling veggies. Partway through veggies grilling in the tins toss all of  the veggies onto the griddle and keep cooking through.  Once your steaks are cooked to your liking place them on the griddle and remove it from the heat.  Perfection and the tastiest full flavored veggies ever.

Grill and Serve Dinner My Favorite Meal

About the Wilton Armetale Grillware Griddle

I’m a fan of multi-use products.  So when I received the Grillware Griddle I quickly found that it is not only a griddle but also serves as a tray to prep food, use on the stove top for my morning silver dollar pancakes and a serving platter.  I’m sure you will find tons of uses for it, beyond my limited cooking skills.

The non-toxic aluminum-based alloy holds heat well, so your food will stay hotter longer and also holds that coldness in.  I place it in the fridge prior to using as the prep pan for my truffles.

Wilton Armetale products have a Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

It’s super easy to clean up and you don’t need to polish, worry about chips, dents, rust or tarnishing.

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