The HAAN Swift SI25 Steam Mop Review

HAAN Swift SI25 reveiw

The HAAN Swift SI25 Review

I have been coveting steam mops for years, I have tried so many cleaning supplies and tools in my home and have not ever found something that works the way I want.  Buckets of water, cleaning solutions, wringing out sponges, all of those steps that consume so much energy and time.   Now as a mom of three children (two of which are toddlers).  I am always trying to keep germs at bay.  Sweeping and spot mopping daily.  The high traffic areas get mopped almost daily, the entire house gets a weekly (or bi-weekly) cleaning.  My floors are crawled on, 5 second ruled and played on daily.  But are they  as clean as they could be? I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to get my hands on the HAAN Swift SI25 Sanitizing steam mop.   A sanitizing mop? Wow and yes, please!  The swift steam mop works by using steam to kill 99.9% of household germs.   Dangerous germs like e. coli and allergy-inducing dust mites easily removed from your floors.


The Steam Mop is the perfect companion for your tile, hardwood, laminate, linoleum and vinyl floors.

 I received my HAAN steam mop and immediately got set for a steam cleaning session.  I  attached the handle, which came unattached in the box.  I filled up the water tank, attached the ultra-Microfiber pad and sat the steamer on the resting mat. Pushed the steam button and in 20 seconds my steamer was ready to go. This steamer is ultra lightweight and maneuvers easily.  It glides with ease across my floors and made for a simple cleaning with little effort. You can see the moisture immediately start to dry as you are cleaning.


There are no dangerous chemicals, no film, no smelly cleaners or shiny residue trying to convince you your floors are clean.  It’s safe enough for everyone in your family while giving you the deepest clean ever.


I used my steam mop on a little over 1300 square feet of flooring. Which took me about 45 minutes this included moving furniture and keeping my little ones at bay. I filled up the water tank twice and switched out the microfiber pad to get the most pristine clean floors. I am in love with my new steamer. You can actually feel and see the cleanliness. I picked out my tile floors 4 years ago and they have never ever looked this new. My husband who doesn’t notice a thing was amazed at how clean our floors look.


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Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own and may not reflect those of HAAN Swift SI25 or others.

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