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Happy Birthday Weekend Giveaway Linky

Happy Birthday Weekend Giveaway Linky

It’s a little bit of a celebration over here.  This month my blog turned 3 years old!  Yippee!   I wrote my first post on A Thrifty Diva on August 18, 2010.

It is also my 33rd birthday today.  A product of the ’80’s, I am. Whoa!

How did that happen? It amazes me everyday that I get to live such a blessed life.  I have my amazing boys, a fantastic husband and we are all happy and healthy.

You were born under a waning gibbous moon. People born under this moon are excellent communicators and teachers. They love sharing ideas and spreading knowledge that they have gained. Never hesitant to climb on a soapbox, they will fight injustice wherever they find it. They have a high social need, and are likely to have many friends. In modern society, they tend to be great bloggers!

Lunar Influence via: fun facts

Well there you go, even my Lunar Influence thinks I can be a great blogger.

Here’s to me making 33 fabulous! In Celebration here are some fab giveaways to enter…

Happy Birthday Weekend Giveaway Linky

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