Healthy Happy Dogs | We’ve Joined #FriendsWithBeneful

Healthy Happy Dogs is in collaboration with Purina Beneful. #FriendsWithBeneful #ad

Last year I shared a few collaboration posts with Purina Beneful in conjunction with National Dog Week. I am over the moon excited to announce that my furry kids and I have joined #FriendsWithBeneful for a year long collaboration. If you know my family personally, you know how important our dogs are to us. We adore them and treat them just like another member of the family. It’s no joke that they get 5 star treatment around here. 

My husband and I have done extensive research when it comes to providing the best diet for our dogs. For us it is important to invest in their food, in order to provide a good foundation of nutrition and vitamins. There are so many myths on the internet about what to feed your pets, how much to feed, etc. My token of advice is to do your own research and don’t get caught up in myths. Our veterinarian has been a great resource for dispelling rumors and helping us provide our healthy happy dogs with the best nutrition.

Healthy Happy Dogs | We've Joined #FriendsWithBenefulA Thrifty Diva & Beneful 

We use Beneful because our dogs thrive on it. When Rousey was a puppy was started her on Beneful Healthy Puppy. As she got older we transitioned her to another dog brand, the same one her older brother was on. The switch was hard, she knew we were tricking her into a new food and could literally pick out the Beneful from her bowl. After we weaned her, we thought we were doing what was best for her, but stuck with a dog that didn’t enjoy eating her new food. Her stool was not good either and she didn’t seem her peppy self. I let the transition run it’s course thinking she would adjust. Our older dogs are lazy, love naps and don’t participate in much activity, unless we force them to play. I thought Rousey was establishing a calmer demeanor and mentioned this to our vet. I joked about how gassy she had become and it wasn’t until our vet asked us if we changed her diet that I realized we were doing her a major disservice by changing her food. I decided to purchase Beneful again, but this time try the Playful Life. I started weaning both dogs and noticed an immediate change in their demeanor. They loved their new dog food and gobbled it up, rather than grazing it throughout the day. One incredible change is that the the bathroom breaks aren’t so stressful on our dogs anymore, and the gassy dog battle is pretty obsolete. Beneful Playful Life is better on their tummy and now we have our healthy happy dogs back. 

Healthy Happy Dogs 

Our dogs are much more happy and a pure joy to be around. We get stopped so often from people admiring our dogs. Their stature is for sure a presence you can’t miss, but their behavior after that initial meeting is what people love. They love attention and be loved on, something that shines through even more that they are eating food they love. Their coats are shinier than ever and they love our after dinner play time. 

Tex fetching Healthy Happy Dogs | We've Joined #FriendsWith Beneful Healthy Happy Dogs | We've Joined #FriendsWithBeneful

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Tex with his Beneful ball Healthy Happy Dogs | We've Joined #FriendsWithBeneful

Healthy Happy Dogs

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