Healthy Muffins from Miffy’s

Healthy Muffins from Miffy’s

Holiday’s are a time for indulging and it’s only fair to say that if you don’t at least try every dish, you will regret it.  It usually hits me in late spring and I start craving all the delectable dishes we had at Thanksgiving.  The spread of desserts, sides, turkey, ham and other treats fills my mind and I start craving what my aunts and in laws are so good at making.  Thanksgiving leaves and we have a few days of leftovers to hold us off.  Then I spend the next few weeks trying to limit myself and lose the at least five pounds I gained.  

Now I find myself trying to find a balance of healthy eating and serving scrumptious meals for the family.  We have come across Miffy’s Marvelous Muffin Mix made of organic whole wheat and oats.  What I love about these healthy muffins is that they are completely tweak-able.  Yup, tweakable!  You can add all kinds of goodies to make these muffins one-of-a-kind and completely your own creation.  The mix is perfect for adding your own twist to a cinnamon muffin or mmm… chocolate chips and pecans.  We opted for the apple spice mix.  I added in 6 ounces of apple sauce, 3/4 Cups of chopped pecans and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon sugar.  I was a little nervous to add in so many ingredients but the consistency turned out to help these muffins more flavorful.  

These turned out to be the perfect morning on the go snack, my husband has one with his coffee and I use them as an afternoon snack for the kiddos.  Can we say absolutely delicious.


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