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How to Fight Off Cold and Flu for Kids

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Remember last week when I complained about Brody’s sick days? We are back in the clutches of germs, coughing and fevers. Really can my kids catch a break? Dominic is now fighting off a cold. Having a sick kid is stressful and it got me thinking how preventable are these germs and what can I do once we bring germs into our home? I began researching just how to keep kids germ free during the winter. From fighting off germs and sickness to keeping the germs at bay. I am not a doctor and your first plan of action should ALWAYS be seeking your physicians help at any sign of a sickness. 

 How to Fight Off Cold and Flu Season 


Did you know hard surfaces will carry and spread germs more than any other surface and can pass it on for about 24 hours? Disinfectant wipes and sprays can help in your home and in spaces where you get a lot of traffic. Before you touch that next shopping cart, use a wipe (found near most store entrances)and disinfect the areas you are most likely to touch. Use hot water to wash sheets and blankets during illness. Even if a surface looks dry and clean it can still be harboring GERMS.

Cover Your Cough (not with your hand)

Coughing and sneezing are unavoidable, make it a habit to grab a tissue to first cover the mouth or use the inside of your elbow with your head pointed down to mask a sneeze or cough. Using your hands will just spread germs to another place. 

Wash and Sanitize

When you can’t wash, sanitize and when you can’t sanitize, wash. It may seem like you are over doing it, but when you are constantly on the go, you pick up thousands of germs.  


Water and electrolyte filled drinks are key all the time. The immune system needs to stay flushed and in tip top shape. We use refillable water bottles each day to measure our water intake.

Enriched Diet

Add super foods high in Vitamin C, Vitamin D (supplement) and Zinc to your child’s diet. Disguise your child’s favorite fruit smoothie with a handful of Kale. Use broccoli, yellow bell peppers, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage all high in vitamin C with meals.  Yogurts, nuts and beans are high in Zinc and great for snacking.


Another must-have for cold and flu season is immunizations. Make sure your child’s are up to date, including his or her flu vaccine. Immunizations are key in reducing rates of ear infections, pneumonia and sinusitis.

Stay Home

The 24 hour fever free rule is not just for school. Let your child fully recover at home before letting their germs wreak havoc on the entire grocery store and playground. Just because they seem better doesn’t mean they are.


It’s normal to have 3 days of fever in the beginning of a cold. If a fever lasts any longer than 4 days or returns later, it could signal a bacterial infection. When your little one starts showing signs of illness, choose from one of the PediaCare® products found at Dollar General. Don’t be afraid to use over the counter medicines at the first signs of illness with the appropriate symptoms and dosage chart. I find PediaCare® products at my local Dollar General near. Our favorite for this season being PediaCare’s Cough & Runny Nose plus Acetaminophen.

One very important tip I learned at my doctors office this week, is to not let your child suffer because you plan to take them to the doctor. Your pediatrician does not need to see a fever or hear a hacking cough to determine what is wrong with your precious child. Tests and a thorough visit is all your doctor will need to determine what steps you need to take. Just let your pediatrician know exactly what you are giving and at what time you have last dosed.

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