How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias disclosure

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias

You know when I heard about the Conair Curl Secret this girl had to get her hands on it.  From the looks of it, this tool has very innovative aspects and I love me some innovation.

I purchased the Conair Curl Secret at my neighborhood Walmart for $99 last week and we have been on a bff basis ever since.  You can find the Conair Curl Secret on their site for $150.  Smart girl tip – save yourself the $51 dollars and head to walmart.

I can’t get enough of the curly do.  One because it’s such a fun look and two it’s so easy to achieve the look. Here is my no fail way on how to curl hair. Grab a can of aerosol hairspray, your Conair Curl Secret and a seat.   Plug it in, and decide what look you want to achieve.  There are three timer settings and two heat settings.  I wanted a full curly style so I went for the 12 second, high settings.  If you wanted a loose curl go for less time and the cooler heat setting.  Even at the high heat, there is no chance of burning yourself with the curl secret, the curl chamber is internal and suitable for a young teen.

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias

This is me bed head and all (I’m keeping it real people).  My hair is pretty wavy so if it’s not flat ironed I pull it in a pony or high bun.

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias before

 Brush and separate your hair.  I start from the bottom up grabbing 1/2 inch pieces of hair.  Take the curl secret with the open side towards you place the piece of hair you want curled right in between the hair guide.How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias step 1

Gently squeeze your hand together and the magic starts to happen.  The hair will go into the tourmaline ceramic curl chamber and once your entire piece of hair has been curled it will start to beep alerting you the curl is forming, when you hear the rapid beeping release the Conair Curl secret and let the curl fall out.  It creates long-lasting curls.

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias step 2

There is no brush so there is no threat of your hair getting tangled.  I did accidentally have a piece of hair from underneath get intertwined in the curl secret.  I felt a slight pull and the curl secret immediately stopped curling allowing me to effortlessly release the hair and start over.

It’s a time saver and easy to use.  It took me less than 20 minutes to complete my entire head using 1/2 inch pieces.  Once you have your entire hair curled, give it a good spray.  I used my fingers to brush out the curls for a fun style.

How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias

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How To Curl Hair Using Curl Secret #ConairCurl #shop #cbias

Full hair and makeup 4 hours later and this is the look I have.  I love this fun, spunky style.  So now that you see how to curl hair easy, what do you think?

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