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How to fight in front of the kids

Everybody disagrees at one point!  It’s hard to escape every argument with earmuffs on the kids.  So, what do you do when the boxing gloves go on and the kids have a front row seat.  In a perfect world you kiss and make up {because your husband just apologized 😉 }.

In reality, your kids are living in the real world.  We all want to raise strong children that know when to stand up for themselves, know how to have a healthy dispute and know when to let it go and move on.

Pick your battles!  Is it worth it?  This is the question that you must ask yourself before you lay it all out.   In the heat of the moment, drop what you are about to say and focus your attention to something calming.  Jump in the shower, check the mail, anything to give you a few minutes to take a deep breath and come into it an issue with a clear head.

No name calling…Period! Even when your amazing husband decides that you are an “idiot” and wants to tell you so,  bite your tongue!  Lashing back will get you nowhere and only push a few more buttons.

Two wrongs never make a right.  Because he did it, means you won’t.  You will respect yourself more.

Have a no regrets attitude!  Think before you speak, this will take you a long way.  Choose your words and keep a positive attitude even in the roughest times.

Resolve the issue, even if it is a temporary fix.  Your kids will appreciate you for it.

Bottom line is our children need to know that in life you must treat others the way you expect to be treated.  You will not always agree, but you must always respect.  If you and your Significant other can practice being respectful in a fight!  You have taught your children a good lesson.

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