4 Simple Immune System Boosting Additions To Your Kids Diet

4 simple immune system boosting additions to your kids diet

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My boys have been taking their daily chewable EndoMune Junior probiotics for six weeks now.  I will admit summer had us on a pretty flexible routine and that included how we ate. As we roll into fall I can’t help but have a healthier frame of mind. No more evening sugar binges and donuts for breakfast. Our one constant has been the boys taking their daily probiotic EndoMune Junior tablets. Every morning after breakfast my four-year-old asks for his “kid pills”, this is the first chewable pill we have found that the boys enjoy taking everyday. No complaining about the taste or rushing out the door in hopes I forget.

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I have paid very close attention to how my kids are reacting to the probiotics. Tummy troubles have been a thing of the past. Last year Brody dealt with a slew of viral infections, everyone shrugged it off as “welcome to public school”. Almost monthly he came down with something or other. While we are not in public school, the boys are enrolled in many large group homeschool activities and attend childcare everyday for two hours. As we enter into the cold and flu season I feel like my boys are more prepared with 4 simple immune system boosting additions.

4 simple immune system boosting additions to your kids diet

4 Simple Immune System Boosting Additions To Your Kids Diet 


My boys will not eat yogurt unless it is frozen yogurt doused in sugary toppings. They will gladly take a chewable berry EndoMune Junior probiotic tablet. EndoMune Junior is a probiotic developed by board-certified GI Dr. Lawrence Hoberman. EndoMune Junior is an immune system boosting blend of high quality bacteria. Containing 10 billion of 4 powerful strains of bacteria per serving (L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis, and B. longum plus the prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharide)). Read more about Endomune Junior.

Flush Out The Toxins

Water, water and more water. My boys drink water, but to get them to drink even more we are using refillable water bottles. Each morning I fill them with ice-cold water and infuse them with sliced fresh fruit to offer a sweeter taste. We aim for four refills of their 16 ounce water bottles a day.

Pack A Smoothie

Sweet smoothies at snack time are hard to resist. I am packing theirs with leafy greens, fresh fruit, milk and a splash of honey. But don’t tell them that, all they know is that it’s a sweet and tasty afternoon snack. Start slow with the leafy greens if you have picky eaters, add a tiny bit more with each smoothie and soon you will be experimenting with how much healthy deliciousness you can get away with.

Potassium Rich 

If we don’t get a banana in a smoothie, it is ready to go as an anytime snack. With B6, Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, copper and biotin, the effectiveness of a banana everyday is great for overall nutrients and an immune system boosting must have. We get that fiber anywhere we can find it.


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